Punched In the Face

That’s what it feels like whenever you realize something that you should’ve known, or something stupid you did and don’t find out until later. I feel like I’ve taken some jabs but I took a right cross this morning when one of my good friends told me what really matters. I won’t steal his thunder:

“I’ve realized that the most important thing at this stage in our lives is to ensure our own well being, whether it’s relationships, school, work, etc. And I’ve learned that you can’t do it alone and you’ve got to really find people who are true friends and can help you out bc you can’t do everything on your own, no matter how capable you are […]”

That. That could not be a more accurate description of what we need to focus on as somewhat aged college students. Some of us might spend 3 years in college, and some of us might spend 6 years. Nobody knows what the future holds but we need to have that backbone of friends that we know will back us up no matter what. When I read that text I couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude about what friends I had made and will make in the future. The future is a crazy ambiguous place that is warranted about being meddled with (as if we even can). I for one, am ready to begin working and picking up speed. If you’ve ever been around me, you’ll hear me talking about how much I want to begin working and getting up to speed with others that already have offers.

We aren’t all the same. That goes without saying, but together, we can become a community of people that can support one another in any and every aspect. This post is about my friend that texted me that quote and I couldn’t be more grateful for him. He’s a total bro and am lucky to call him one of my good friends.

Go be people and explore what the world has to offer and make those friendships.


Photo: Daniel Wellington Watch on a rainy day on the roof of the CULC.img_1484

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