Hey Thanks

Sweet potato casserole, green been casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, cornbread, turkey, the list can go on and on. There have been countless numbers of classic foods that we always yearn to come home to. I’m not saying the food is the best part of coming home but it sure does run a close second behind what? The people we care about.

There have been countless times that we have driven our parents crazy. Everyone can think of at least 3 off the top of their head I’m sure. Our parents have done so much for us that we can really never repay them. The only thing we can do is prove to them that they raised us the right way. Thank you will never be enough for what our parents have gone through to take care of us. They’ve sacrificed so much for us and we take it for granted, but I just hope that one day I’ll be able to thank my parents sufficiently. From the many years of piano, to the years of club soccer, and even the years of show choir, their dedication and support throughout all of my life thus far has been incredible. Some people that may not have had such an impact on our lives but had a lot of background action in our lives are our friends and the people we’ve interacted with.

To all of my friends reading this, thank you for keeping my head up when things are tough, thanks for listening to all the things I worry about, and thanks for teaching me how selective I should be when I am picking my friends. Those of you who I may not talk to anymore, I still want to say thanks because these small interactions really measure who you are, so thank you. To the few who have come into my life that have made a real impact on who I am today, thanks for teaching me so many valuable things I couldn’t have learned without the experience. I wrote an article about not regretting and I truly believe everything I said. These relationships are so important throughout everyone’s life whether you only make one or have multiple, don’t be afraid. Life is out there ready for you to take it by the reins and take off. There may be a few bumps and valleys, but the reward and peaks are better than ever.

Today’s a day to be thankful, and I can’t express enough thanks to my parents, the relationships I’ve had with everyone, and the experiences I’ve been able to have thanks to God. All these things have shaped me into who I am today.

Well I’m done talking so go eat some turkey, eat some mashed potatoes, eat some of that sweet pumpkin pie (if you’re into that kinda thing), and be thankful.

Here’s a picture of some holly I took a picture of in NYC last winter break:


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