Blessed to be Stressed

It is currently 2 AM, and I was beat today.

It seems like I had a never ending weekend that only led to an even busier week.

This past weekend, I had a Dean’s Scholarship Event for Scheller on Friday and they’re always a great time to be at, but can be extremely tiring. Seeing the incoming students is so exciting because there is sooo much talent and opportunity within them. I couldn’t be happier with what school I chose!

The next day I had Dance Marathon and it was truly amazing. Despite having to wake up at 8 AM to setup for, what I was going to realize later on to be the best day of my year so far, it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to help support Children’s Hospitals of Atlanta and am so appreciative of all of you who supported me. You are the true heroes. Because of all of your support, we raised $211,228.17. That is incredible. Almost quadruple what the total was 5 years ago! I never thought I would be as passionate for an organization as I am for FTK, and I have my peers to thank for that.

Sunday, was none other than the inaugural game for ATLUTD FC. It was an all day event starting at 12 #FTKRecovery. I was still so exhausted from the day before but was so excited to watch my first professional soccer game in Georgia Tech’s backyard, Bobby Dodd Stadium on Historic Grant Field. There were 55,297 people in attendance I believe and was said to be one of the top fanbases for soccer in the MLS. Pretty wild considering this being our first game and all. Although we did lose to the New York Red Bulls and sadly showed poor character at our first game in the MLS, we definitely sent a message to other teams in the MLS. We are an attack minded team with a lot of young potential. We have a lot to learn about our style of play and need some more experience but I’m hoping we will be a strong team!

Today, I took the toll of the whole weekend and began thinking of all the different things I had to do, and was running around all day just busy as can be. Now sometimes this is a great feeling, but it was just too much today. My dad called me and started talking to me telling me how it was my grandpa’s birthday and I got angry and said I didn’t have any time to call him in China. It’s his 93rd birthday. What? What was wrong with me? I didn’t have time to say Happy Birthday to one of the men that lights up like a light whenever he sees or hears from me? I was so upset with myself. Stress had taken over my life and I hated it. I had let it control me and control my actions towards others. I had to call my mom and tell him Happy Birthday (My mom is in China).

He was so excited.

After I got off the phone with them, I was still so uptight and felt like I was being bound by so many things, and couldn’t handle it. I broke down. Some time passed and I looked across the street while sitting in my car and saw a homeless man on the street crying.

After a bit of self-realization and self reflection I thought to myself, “Why am I so upset with what I have to do and why am I not more grateful for what I have the opportunity to do?”

Sure, I might have 3 meetings one day and a presentation, quiz, paper, etc. but some people worry about where they are going to lay their head down to sleep. Some people don’t know when their next meal is going to be.

I’m not saying that what you’re doing isn’t worth stressing over because I’m sure it’s extremely important. I mean why would you be stressing about it if it weren’t? I just believe that we are extremely blessed to be where we are now with what we have. Although, yes, it is very difficult here at Georgia Tech, we are capable of the work.

So, yeah, I had an epiphany today, and thought I would share my rambling thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

Photo: High Five Coffee Diner in Asheville, NC

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