Never Regret.

Live life with passion. Live life with ambition. Live life with purpose. Whether it may be religion, family, friends, relationships, goals, etc. never regret what you’ve done. You are who you are because of all of the things you’ve done.

Don’t wish that you would have someone else’s life. That is possibly the worst thing that you could do. I’m a follower of Jesus and I firmly believe that God made you in his image and that he made you perfect just the way you are. Cliche I know, but it’s true. You may not be religious and think that is the dumbest thing ever and that’s totally fine. Everyone can have their own opinion and the right to speak for themselves. While I type this during the 2016 Presidential election, some may call it “The Lesser of Two Evils,” I just watch social media blow up with the most ridiculous posts offending others and their opinion. I will not say who I support because that would just cause more commotion for the 6 of you reading this. All I can say is to leave it be. Nobody has the same views on everything. Your spouse, if you decide to get married, will not have all the same views as you do. I guarantee it, but you love them anyway. You married them for a reason , and it wasn’t for the multiple reasons you don’t get along, it’s for the reasons that you do get along.

People are so hung up on finding the perfect person. I’m gonna tell you right now that that’s not gonna happen. Don’t worry, that 5,000 pound trophy fish is out there, just not the way you thought you would catch it. Terrible analogy; I’ll just stop there. I hope you get my point though.

I’m happy with what I’ve done thus far in my life. Although I may have had some bum grades, some regretful nights, and some shitty things happen, it’s made me who I am today. I’m pretty damn proud of that fact. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, life. Don’t regret life. Live that vicarious life of exploring rooftops in Atlanta at 3 AM although it may be frowned upon. Live that ambitious life of making that dream company of yours. Live that dream life you’ve always wanted.

I’ve preached enough and frankly it’s 12:42 AM and I have 2 tests tomorrow. I’ll leave you with this:

Don’t live a life satisfying other people, it’s not worth it.

Love passionately. Give generously. And most of all live freely.

Stay Frosty.IMG_3751.JPG

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