Why Write?

People probably wonder why I write this blog. I’ll go ahead and tell you that I hated writing, and still do, but there’s just something so different about writing for self pleasure. Try it sometime.

Sometimes I’ve just got so many things ramblin’ around in my head all at once that I can’t focus. Putting it out on paper is so much more relaxing than just fighting through it. It’s a soothing alternative to working out (if I don’t have time), a great brain exercise, and can be pretty fun because there is no requirement to the writing. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. It’s great. Here are some of my biggest pet peeves of writing a blog, or just writing for yourself:

1. Don’t you dare proofread that blog post.
What’s the point of a blog post if you go back and reread what you wrote to satisfy whoever that might be reading it, or to look for things that people might not like it? Writing is a tool that anybody can use to vent, explore, and even expand their knowledge.

2. Be vulnerable.
This is the hardest part of beginning a personal blog. People aren’t going to like what you post sometimes, and that’s totally fine. What you don’t understand is that you’re just speaking your mind and there’s no point in hiding that fact. You may get scolded, you may get ignored, but all in all, you’re enjoying your time of personal expression. Don’t be scared of this.

a. Men aren’t allowed to be vulnerable.
This couldn’t be more untrue. I hate this stereotype, and I hate what it’s made people do or not do to themselves. They just keep everything bottled up and ignore their own well-being. Talk to your homie and let him know what’s bothering you. Guys that are reading this and think that this is gay, unmanly, etc. I DON’T CARE. I enjoy doing what I do, and I’m not going to stop just because people don’t agree with it.

3. Write about anything.
A song. An experience. A hope. Just write.

That isn’t much, and I know that there are more things that I can’t think of right now, but thanks for reading. I might start writing everyday starting with today, so if you like my mediocre articles about what I’m going through and things I believe to be helpful, let me know.

Stay frosty.


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