What’s Happened?

Vanilla ice cream is my absolute favorite. I mean there are so many different types of vanilla and it seems as if there was no way that they could stop making variations of it. At an ice cream parlor my first instinct would be to get vanilla, but then I see all of the other 143 choices and I’m just kinda like am I really that guy? Haha, although vanilla is a one of the more basic flavors of ice cream, it complements other flavors so well. I’m probably one of the most indecisive people you’ll ever meet, and you can take that however you want to. Whether it comes to picking  a flavor of ice cream to picking the color of a background on a presentation, I am the worst at it. There are so many possibilities that why not just get all flavors or just do a multi-colored background? Well, first of all, I’m sure all the different flavors of ice creams would taste great, but when you’re confronted with so many other types all thrown into the same bowl/cup/cone, you can’t really appreciate each flavor for what it really is.

Every flavor is unique, just like how every person is unique. Billions of people are in this world, and comparatively to that, there are very few we come in contact with. So why not make that interaction worth remembering? There are so many things that have been on my mind that it feels like my head is about to explode haha. Sometimes the best thing to do is to tell somebody what’s on your mind, but not the whole world. I don’t usually lecture/preach on these, but honestly I needed to do this for myself. Although my analogy with the ice cream flavors and people in this world was pretty weak haha, just think about it.

Well, you’ve read pretty far about some poorly put together life lesson. It actually wasn’t even a life lesson. I don’t know what this was in terms of learning for you guys, but it definitely helped me out. Go out there and meet people and don’t be afraid to care, that’s what life is about. You got this. I believe in you.

2015-06-19 20.34.30

If you read my blog, you don’t know how much I actually appreciate that. So thank you.

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