How Does Tech Make You Feel?

“It makes me feel tired.”

“It makes me feel overwhelmed.”

“It makes me feel inadequate.”

All of us here at Tech have felt this way at least once in our time here. Making the transition from high school to one of the smartest colleges in the nation can be a bit of a slap in the face.

“All of us were smart in high school.”

WERE. Past tense.

My first year is over, and Tech has made all of us freshman on campus feel like we have never been smart. Some of us even question our intelligence and our will to do the things that we have to do here at this institution. There’s always something that the Deans and professors remind us of:

“You got in. That already sets you above the standard.”

Although we all think that everyone around us is smarter than we are, Georgia Tech attracts the best and brightest of each applicant pool. That is exactly why the acceptance statistics are getting even more competitive each year. For those not attending Georgia Tech reading this, no I am not boasting about being a student and my grades in high school, I’m proud of the hard work I put in, and where it got me today. I’m truly blessed by what has been given to me and what God has allowed to do in my life.

For those of you who are Tech students reading this, you know what I’m saying.


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