B4TS (Back 4 the Summer?)

…And now we’re back, back again.

I love Georgia Tech so much that I willingly decided to take classes in the Summer. HA. But really, this school is awesome; I’m not sure many people that would take their off time from Tech and come back for more but it’s a great place. The classes at tech are so mentally strenuous that some people HAVE to be provided a break. I’m not saying that my critical thinking skills are better compared to others because I’m not taking a break, but my critical thinking skills have definitely heightened after my first year as a student here. This Summer I’ll be taking 2 classes, working at OIT (The Office of Information Technology), and working FASET (Summer Orientation).

2 Classes. History 2112 & MGT 3660.

History 2112. I have never enjoyed history. I’m not going to say that it rubbed me the wrong way, or I had a bad interaction with a teacher, I’ve just never found it interesting, but just because it isn’t interesting to me, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t learn it. If we didn’t learn about history, where would we be today? We would make the same mistakes we’ve made 1000 years ago.

1. the study of past events, particularly in human affairs.
2.the whole series of past events connected with someone or something.
History can be defined as past events. Each second that passes may not go down in the history books, but it does go down in history.
MGT 3660. International Business. “Why is he a business major at an engineering school?”
Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business is ranked 27th (up from 31st) in U.S. News & World Report’s latest rankings of the nation’s Best UndergraduateBusiness Programs. That means Scheller College is in the top 6 percent of the 467 accredited business schools in the United States.” (9/10/13)
Scheller News 
That’s why. In the article it further states that “Overall, Georgia Institute of Technology is ranked 36th in the nation among all public and private universities (7th among public universities).” That was 3 years ago. Scheller has only improved in their faculty, staff, and curriculum since then. The skills of what a predominantly engineering school can give to a business student are invaluable. All students are required to take a CS (Computer Science) class, and although it might be one of the more difficult classes here at Tech, it helps students become aware of these skills that they might need to use because of how our generation has turned towards all things digital. Coding is not for everyone, but who knows if they like it unless they are exposed to it? Did you know that you liked Chick-Fil-A before you’ve ever eaten it? (If you said yes you’re lying)
Writing applied to me in this way. Everyone was required to write in their high school English/Literature classes and unless you enjoyed the class as a whole, reading/writing was probably the worst part. Don’t worry, it still is in college, but writing informally has shown me that it’s not the worst thing in the world.
There are many things in college thus far that have shown me what I genuinely enjoy doing. Some of those things include: writing/blogging, photography, and videography. Life is a learning experience, and I’ve probably learned more in the past year about myself than I have in my whole high school experience. Isn’t it crazy how things change?
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