• Shorts that will show off those QUADZILLAS (Guys who wear Chubbies never skip leg day).
  • Shorts that George Washington would’ve worn while floating down the Delaware (‘Merica).
  • Shorts that defeat the purpose of wearing pants (Who wears pants anyways).
  • Cargo shorts (I think I just threw up).
  • Shorts that don’t make you THAT guy (Nobody wants to be that guy).
  • Shorts that Chuck Norris approves of.
  • Shorts that make frat dudes even more frat so they can frat snap while being frat (please never use frat that many times in one sentence).
  • Shorts that make girls jealous of your legs (Because you never skip leg day).
  • Shorts that the NBA wish they would’ve patented in the 80’s.
  • Shorts that make girls want to talk to you at Georgia Tech (This is rare).


Sky’s Out Thighs Out. Chubster Nation.

Peace. Stay Frosty.


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