Well, this semester has taken a turn and it’s only about 3 weeks in. I joined a fraternity. I know, the rubbish that was written by yours truly last semester seems a bit contradictory to what I’m doing now, but it was a learning experience. That’s what college is about, finding an individual’s niche and learning from experiences. The beginning of this semester has been quite the roller coaster in terms of becoming who I actually am instead of acting like who I’m not.

It’s the second semester so everyone has found their friends, acclimated to the environment of Georgia Tech, and have gotten into a groove of how things work. This semester I’m taking 13 hours that include: Finite Mathematics, English 1102, Management Statistics, and Legal Aspects of Business. I’ve become a member of the Exec Board on the Georgia Tech Sports Business Club, joined a club called LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), and am currently attempting to create a club called the McCamish Maniacs that help cheer on the basketball games. Similar to the Cameron Crazies. The basis of the club is really just to become as rowdy as possible while supporting the Yellow Jackets, so if you’re a Georgia Tech student reading this mediocre blog, let me know if you would be interested in joining.

In other news, I’ve become a Chubbies Ambassador, finalized the paperwork for me to work for the Office of Information Technology, and had an interview for T&M (Technology & Management) the most competitive minor on campus. It might not have been the best interview I’ve ever had, but I CAN say that it’s been my favorite out of any interview that I’ve had thus far in my life. In looking over all of this… A job, fraternity life, 3 clubs, being a campus rep, and a full course-load should make for a busy semester.

Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll post more often than I did last semester. Oh and by the way, the creation of a Vlog may be on the rise too, so you can follow me around on my crazy days as a Georgia Tech student IN VIDEO FORM, but we’ll see.

Peace. Stay Frosty.




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