Day by Day

NYC. I’ve been meaning to write, haven’t had a lot of time to since I’ve gotten out. I’ve been debating on whether or not to post these to Social Media yet, but I’ve given in. I’m currently in New York and was given a Canon Rebel T5 beforehand to play around with for my duration of the trip. I tried something out that I was inspired to do by David Kim (Hyerine Kim’s younger brother) when Hyerine showed me his collab of videos on their trip to LA. I’ve completed days 1-3 (December 12-15) and have neglected to post them due to my lack of confidence in my iMovie creation skills (props to Apple). You’ll have to catch up, but I’ll plan on posting a video each day until Saturday from now on.

Youtubers. These videos will also be on Youtube for the group of people that waste countless hours watching random videos.


PSA. Just figured out you can’t post videos on here, figures. Here’s the link to my YouTube Channel, yes the infamous one with the Harlem Shake Video.

Link to Day 1.

Link to Day 2.

Link to Day 3.


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